Cosplay: Where To Buy Foam | The Definite Guide

Cosplayers always struggle to find dense enough foam for their outfits.

Many of the foam retailers online, try to sell low-density foam to cosplayers. This isn’t suited for cosplay outfits and usually ends pretty badly.

Throughout this article, we’re going to take a look at where to buy foam for cosplay. This will be a guide to help you find the high-density foam that you need.

Why You Should Avoid Low-Density Foam

Low-density foam is simply not as strong. It may be easy at first to shape the parts of your outfit, but it won’t last.

If foam doesn’t have the right amount of density, it will quickly lose its shape. Keep in mind, you have to walk around with this outfit for an entire day.

Low-density foam will lose its shape after movement, heat, and various other activities or conditions. It’s not ideal.

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Cosplay: Where To Buy Foam

We know that low-density foam isn’t suited, so that leaves us with high-density foam.

There are two types which are exceptionally popular among cosplayers:

  • High-density EVA foam
  • Moldable Foam Clay

The reason they’re so popular is because of their high density. Both of these types of foam are dense enough to hold their shape, and can still be formed easily (EVA foam after heat).

Take a look at the details below to learn about high-density EVA foam and moldable foam clay.

High-Density EVA Foam

Over at our store, one of the foams for cosplay that we offer is high-density EVA foam.

The density is ultra-high, as it weighs 85 kg per m³. This means the shapes that you form will stick.

Something that we and other cosplayers also love about our foam is that it’s flat on both sides. This has the advantage that you don’t have to annoyingly work around the texture.

We also have a range of different thicknesses available ranging from 2mm to 10mm. Plus, you also have the color option between black and white.

If you would like to learn more about our high-density EVA foam, you can click the link below.

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Moldable Foam Clay

Moldable foam clay is another type of foam that works really well for cosplay.

Although, you should be aware that some types don’t work well. It depends on the formula of the moldable foam clay.

Our moldable foam clay is created with a high-density formula that works extremely well for cosplay. It has a similar density to EVA foam and is sure to keep the right shape.

What’s cool about it though, is that it’s super moldable. This means, molding the right shapes with it is extremely easy.

Another cool thing about cosplay is that it’s air-dry which allows you to paint it if you want to. If you would like to learn more about moldable foam clay, you can visit the link below.

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Is Your Foam Actually Used By Cosplayers?

A lot of foam companies target cosplayers with the wrong types of foam. Not us.

All our foam is used by cosplayers. In fact, you can even check our gallery of costumes made with our foam.

You can also be featured in it, by sending in pictures of your cosplay photos. So, yes our foam is perfect for cosplay!

Final Words

There you have it!

We have covered the best types of foam to use for cosplay, as well as the benefits of them. If you would like to purchase some for your cosplay outfits, or simply learn more about them, you can visit our store.

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