The Foamory Logo

The story of The Foamory: The story of Miranda and Nick. We began this journey as a cosplaying couple from North Carolina. Miranda started sewing her costumes for Cons in 2007. Her first Cosplays included Trish from “Devil May Cry,” Witch Hunter Robin, Black Widow, Seven of Nine, and Elizabeth Swann. Nick got bit by the Cosplay bug in the early 2000’s gallivanting around as Jay from the Jay and Silent Bob duo, Hunter S Thompson, Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow.

We both had dreams of large scale Cosplays made out of EVA Foam. However, the all too common (and all too small) gym floor mat squares just wouldn’t do. Our grand costuming desire demanded something bigger, something without that awful texture one has to work around or remove, yuk! Thus began our quest. We searched high and low for the best quality High Density EVA Foam. Something offered in large cuts. Something smooth on both sides.

The journey was not easy. Not all EVA Foams are created equal. Each has its own chemistry. And when it comes to High Density, there is a very delicate balance. But we knew the ultimate formula was out there somewhere. We searched high and low. And after much blood, sweat, and tears, we discovered it!

The Foamory was born. We are a small company trying to make a large impact in the Cosplay world.

Go Big with Your Creativity. Go Big with The Foamory.