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Sometimes it can feel like most of the easy cosplay ideas are best for women. But that’s not true.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 easy but fun cosplay ideas for guys. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, as they are all unique and special in their own way.

1. Star Wars Storm Trooper Kit

First of all, we have a real classic. The star wars stormtrooper kit.

This cosplay outfit is fun and will get you noticed at any special event. It’s a timeless classic that everyone knows.

For this outfit, the only thing you need is the costume, as well as the helmet.

If you wanted to, you can even go for another mask and combine it with this outfit to create a hybrid costume.

2. Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender is a great costume that is also extremely easy to do.

You’ll be able to find the clothes in a thrift store or online, and from there you just need:

  • The stick
  • Some type of blue paint on your forehead

Both of these things can be purchased online. Oh… and you’ll need to go bold.

But, hair grows back, so why not?

3. Deadpool Costume

Deadpool is also another easy option.

The only thing you’ll need is the costume that can be bought online, or in some cases, it may be available in thrift stores. From there, you’re ready to go and join in on the action.

This is also one of those options that you could turn into a hybrid. Maybe a stormtrooper head with a Deadpool outfit? That could be an interesting option.

4.  Wolverine Costume

Wolverine could be another great costume option.

The costume can be purchased online, alongside those blades sticking out at the top of his hands. Don’t worry, the blades aren’t real.

But it’s also a fairly easy option to consider if you do want to go as something attention-grabbing.

5. Willy Wonka 

Willy Wonka from charlie and the chocolate factory is one of those characters everyone knows.

The outfit is pretty easy to make, and can primarily be made from clothes you can buy from the thrift store, or old materials. It’s easy, low-cost and a killer outfit you’ll want to consider.

6. The Joker

The joker is another similar option.

All you’ll need is a cheap or old suit from the thrift store, and some make-up or a mask to imitate the face. This is also a very low-cost option that can also make a cool attention-grabbing outfit.

Plus, you could also combine this one with another option to create an eye-catching hybrid. For example, you could use the face of the joker, with a stormtrooper suit, that could turn out really cool.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow 

Last but not least we also have Captain Jack Sparrow.

This is also one of those characters that everyone knows and loves. Again, you could get most of the clothes including the hat from a thrift store or online, while using foam to create the pirates hook.

If you don’t have long hair, you could easily also find a low-cost wig online which may even be available with the pirate’s hat. Overall, it’s another easy and affordable option you want to consider.

Need Foam? 

Here at the Foamory, we supply cosplayers with the highest quality of EVA foam and Moldable foam clay. This is the foam used to create the hard parts of your costume.

If you would like to learn more about our foam, you can visit our store here. Or, if you would like to read a little more about cosplay you can also check out some of our previous articles below.

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