High vs Low Density Foam: What’s The Difference For Cosplay?

A question that often comes up from people who are new to cosplay is, what’s the difference between high vs low-density foam?

The reason for this is usually because high-density foam can be a little more expensive compared to low-density.

That’s why we are going to take a look at why this is the case and what advantages each type has.

High-Density Foam vs Low-Density Foam: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between them is how hard they are. The higher the density, the harder the foam.

This means the high-density foam is much harder than low-density foam. This makes it more resistant and stronger. Low-density foam is not ideal for cosplay, as it’s not resistant enough. It’s more suited for shipping items or other uses that don’t need it to be resistant.

In short, high-density foam is a lot more:

  • Resistant
  • Harder
  • Stronger

If you use high-density foam, it will usually also be a little harder to shape as you may expect. However, this is quite good, as you’ll see in the next section.

The Importance of High-Density Foam

The worst thing that can happen as a cosplayer is you turning up to an event and you’re outfit breaking. That’s a horror moment which every cosplayer is scared of.

That’s why you must use high-density foam. While it may be a tiny bit harder to shape the foam, you can be assured that it’s strong, meaning it will stay in the right shape. If you use low-density Eva foam, it might be really easy to shape it, but it will lose its shape just as fast.

Plus, as the more dense foam is also heavier, it will make your outfit seem much more realistic. There are many different types of foam that you can use, but the most popular and best foam is EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam.

What Is High-Density EVA Foam?

High-density EVA foam is the densest type of foam that you can get for cosplay. Cosplayers love it for its strong resistance which allows them to visit events on international cosplay day, without their outfits breaking.

With high-density EVA foam, you’ll easily be able to walk around events without your costume losing its shape. However, this isn’t the case for low-density foam, as a lot of movement can deform the shape. Over at our store, we have the strongest EVA foam you will find.

The cool thing is that it’s not only extremely strong, it’s also great to work with as it allows you to sculpt, shape, or press virtually any design on your mind. Despite the strength and resistance this EVA foam has, it’s also incredibly easy to mold.

What Is Moldable Foam Clay?

Another popular option is moldable foam clay which works well too.

We also have this type of foam clay in our store. The cool thing about our formula is that it’s super moldable, and also extremely dense. It shares the same benefits as EVA foam and it even attaches to itself, as well as EVA foam.

You can also add detail and shape while the clay is still wet, or once it dries work with it like it’s EVA foam. And, just in case you aren’t sure how to get started with moldable foam clay, all our orders come with a downloadable PDF that will explain everything you need to know.

Plus, our moldable foam clay is also smooth on both sides which will give it a perfect feel.

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