4 Great Anime Characters for Cosplay

4 Great Anime Characters for Cosplay

Anime characters are great for Cosplay, but some are harder to do than others. Fortunately, while there are quite a few excellent anime characters for Cosplay, there are a couple that will help you stand out. In this article, we’ll look at some great anime characters for Cosplay, in our opinion. 

Ruby Rose

She is the main protagonist of RWBY and a Beacon Academy huntress, trained in the art of fighting Creatures of the Grimm, which are plaguing Remnant. Ruby Rose, alongside her friends Yang, Weiss, and Blake that make up RWBY to fight some scary bad guys. 

The gorgeous red and black outfits, along with rose embellishments, make it an excellent female anime cosplay character. Furthermore, the costume isn’t difficult to pull off, and all you need is to pay some attention to the styling of the wig. Since most people don’t choose to be Ruby Rose, it could help you stand out from the rest. 


Bleach is an excellent anime series, and Hitsugaya is one of our favorite characters. He is the captain of the Soul Reapers, who are in charge of the flow of souls and also the Soul Society. Hitsugaya is also the protagonist in what is going to be the second feature-length anime film. In other words, this character is awesome!

Not only is Hitsugaya an awesome anime cosplay character for all guys, but the costume is easy to pull off too. It is pretty straightforward with traditional Japanese obi and gi. However, you can throw in a bit of authenticity by learning to tie an obi the way it should be done traditionally. 


He is the main character of the anime series Fairy Tale. In the series, he is a mage of the Fairy Tale Guild and happens to be a pretty slick dragon slayer. 

Even though the Cosplay for this character does not need to be as intricately detailed as some others, a couple of aspects of the costume may require some basic sewing skills to create the required effect. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is a fan of Fairy Tale and wants to play a cosplay character that will stand out. However, you might also want to consider Minerva Orland, which requires working a little more on the costume and impersonation, but this here is a great villain!

Sailor Mercury

Also called Ami, she is a member of the team called Sailor Soldiers, which is an all-female team of huntresses who protect the solar system from supernatural threats. Sailor Mercury is the brains of the operations, with abilities tied to ice and water. 

Sailor Mercury is an excellent female cosplay idea, one reason being that it isn’t hard to find excellent quality replica costumes of the Sailor Scouts. Also, if you haven’t watched the Sailor Moon series, we’d recommend that you watch that too since it gives you some pointers on how best to pull off this anime character. Plus, it’s free on YouTube, so you might as well give it a shot!

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the best anime cosplay Characters. If you did, make sure to check out some of our other recent posts below as well. 

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