High Density
EVA Foam

Our special High Density EVA Foam is EASIER to Heat Shape, Cut and is Larger making it the best value of any EVA Foam on the Market. 1mm through 10mm thickness and Black & White options!

Black Magic
Foam Clay

Moldable Foam Clay is fantastic for any and all Cosplay, Costume or Crafting projects. Sculpt, shape, or press virtually any design that your mind can conceive.

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Specially Made For Cosplay Costuming & Crafting

High Density EVA Foam | 35″x 59″ Sheet | White | 2mm


High Density EVA Foam | 35″x 59″ Sheet | Black | 2mm


Moldable Foam Clay | 300g | White | Cosplay


Moldable Foam Clay | 300g | Black | Cosplay


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High Density EVA Foam | 14″x 39″ Sheet | Black | 1mm Thickness



EVA Foam just LEVELED UP^! Our High Density EVA Foam is specifically formulated to outperform the competition in Durability and Shape Retention. This means that after you pour all of that painstaking effort into your Cosplay, Costuming or Crafting design, you can count on our EVA Foam to hold up to whatever Con or daily activities you throw at your creation! We developed our blend of The Foamory's Shape Retention Foam™ to make it EASIER for you to work with and SAVE you time.

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The Foamory

We started The Foamory after realizing how difficult it was for Cosplayers and Foam-Smiths to get their hands on true high density EVA foam. It is our mission to bring you the finest cuts of EVA Foam out there for all of your Cosplay, costuming and crafting needs.

High Density

With a true high density of 85 kg/m³ (5.3 lb/ft³), our foam Cuts, Sands, Dremels, Heats and Shapes very well for Cosplay and other designs.

Smooth on Both Sides

Layering is easy and a true piece of cake. No textures to work around, fight with or need to remove!

Large Cut, 35 in x 59 in

The 35 x 59 inch large cut allows for bigger designs, less piecing together, fewer seams and more pieces out of one sheet.

Large Selection

We have you covered with our selection of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Thickness options, all available in Black & White.

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