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After we recently covered cosplay ideas for men, it’s only fair that we also do the same for women.

That’s why we have picked out 7 cosplay ideas for women that you can use for your next cosplay outfit.

1. Harley Quinn

Our first pick is Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. This costume is extremely visual, and can even look a little scary at times.

If you are looking for a female cosplay outfit that is attention-grabbing, fun, and colorful, Harley Quinn could be the one. It’s also fairly easy to make, as you would only need the outfit, some make-up and that’s it!

2. Female Captain America

Another fun and budget-friendly option is the female captain America cosplay outfit. It’s simple, and you wouldn’t need anything special, other than the outfit itself. The outfit is available online for $25-50 and is also just as attention-grabbing as the previous one mentioned.

Something that may also be of interest to you would be combining the outfit with a head or helmet of another costume. This could make a brilliant hybrid cosplay outfit and could be one way to look unique and different.

3. Disney Minnie Mouse

Another great option is the Disney Minnie Mouse option. This outfit is fun because it’s almost a little goofy (not the character). And, it’s also one of those costumes that could be combined with another to make a killer hybrid outfit.

For example, you could have a female captain America outfit combined with a Disney Minnie Mouse head. That would be quite cool and unique.

4. Black Widow

Also, a super-cool option is the Black Widow outfit.

The character Black Widow is finally getting her own movie which would make a perfect reason to try this Cosplay outfit. It would be fun, suited and the outfit looks pretty stylish in general, which is why we think that this cosplay outfit will become increasingly popular in the foreseeable future.

5. Catwoman

Catwoman is also a cosplay outfit that just had to make this list. It’s also probably one of the most popular ones and that’s simply because it’s so easy, but also so fun. Plus, from the female superheroes, Catwoman is one of the most popular ones anyway, so it’s kind of natural that it’s this popular.

You can also purchase the entire cosplay outfit online including the mask which makes it very easy. Again, you could even combine one part of this outfit with another to create a cool hybrid.

6. Supergirl

Supergirl is also one of those outfits that is extremely noticeable and can give you some super-confidence. If you’re looking for a cosplay costume that is bright, fun, and eye-catching, supergirl might be the one for you.

You could even team up with a partner who goes as Superman and be matching. Or, it could also work well with a hybrid.

7. Pickachu

Last but not least, we actually have a costume that is unisex, but can be tailored towards girls. The Pikachu costume is fun, cute, and extremely noticeable. If someone walks in wearing it, you’ll notice them in a heartbeat.

Something that we also really like about the Pikachu costume is how bright and yellow it is. There aren’t too many cosplay outfits that are that yellow so it’s pretty unique. And again, it’s also incredibly easy too.

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