5 Tips For Getting Started In Cosplay

Cosplay is a fun and creative way to explore an amazing culture, and creating your costume can be the most fun, if you do it right.  We’ve got a few key tips for you to make sure you know the right and simplest way to make it happen.

Learn How to Do Makeup

Sometimes using the right makeup can help you create the effect you want. For instance, you can become The Joker without having to get a purple suit. If you are not used to doing makeup, you can find a plethora of tutorials on social networks such as YouTube. Not only can you find tips on creating the desired effects, but you may also find that you can find out which makeup works best for whatever costume you like.

Learn How to Work with Old Clothing

Most people have clothes that have become old and worn just sitting around. Instead of trashing them, you can learn to turn old clothes into costumes. You may not have a ton of experience with sewing, but you can still learn how to put pieces together and make things such as capes or other articles of clothing to emulate your favorite superheroes or favorite television characters.

Take Pieces from Inexpensive Costumes

Costumes for cosplay can be quite expensive if you try to buy them outright, especially if you are looking for something authentic. A pair of steampunk trousers can cost as much or more than a pair of designer jeans. However, if you used a corset from a Halloween costume, you can save lots of money. You may have to be creative and paint or dye pieces so that they are accurate for the costume you want to create. Figure out creative ways to piece together costumes from multiple sources.


Even if you cannot get the clothing for your costume exactly accurate, you can still use accessories to help you create a great costume. You can make jewelry with our moldable clay, or pieces such as beads, crystals, and other pieces found at a crafts store. You can decorate shoes and boots so that they are a part of the costume. You may even want to find hair pieces and/or wigs that help you suggest a character even without the proper attire.

Create Your Character

Whenever you are cosplaying, no rule says you have to do it as a well-known character. If you are ever insecure about a costume, you can simply make it an original. You can be a pirate, not Jack Sparrow. You can be a vampire, not Dracula. When you create your costume, you have no rules to follow and you can be as creative as you like. Your costume has your personal touch and you will not feel the pressure of having to create a character perfectly accurate to the book, film, or TV show.