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The Foamory

High Density EVA Foam

Our high quality, ultra high density EVA foam was specifically designed for Cosplay and costuming needs. Many EVA foams out there claim to be “high density” when in fact most of them are low to average densities at around 30 kg/m³ (2 lb/ft³). The Foamory’s ultra high density EVA foam comes in at over 85 kg/m³ (5.3 lb/ft³), which results in a much better Cosplay designing experience.

Select from two thicknesses

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Large Cut

35 x 59 inch

High Quality

Cuts with precision

Large & Small Projects

Fewer seems / More pieces out of one sheet

High Density @ 85 kg/m3

Best Results for Sanding / Dremeling / Heat Shaping

Smooth on both sides

Layering is easy / no texture to work around

10mm Thickness

Great for Thicker Armor / Accessories

Our Foam

Cosplay, Costuming, Crafting
Density at 85 kg/m³ (5.3 lb/ft³)

With an ultra high density: 1.) Heat shaping is easier and the foam will hold shape much better 2.) Sanding the foam is smoother 3.) Cutting and Dremeling is more precise.

Smooth on both sides

Makes layering of the foam a piece of cake, no texture to have to work around.

Large cut at 35in x 59in

Perfect for those larger projects, requiring less piecing together and fewer seems. It is also ideal for smaller projects because you will get more pieces out of one large sheet.

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Step 1.)  Buy the best large cuts of High Density EVA Foam on

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Step 3.)  Send them to us, by clicking the button below, to be featured in our Cosplay Corner.


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The Foamory

Go BIG with your creativity. Go BIG with The Foamory.

Our Beginning

We started The Foamory after realizing how difficult it was for Cosplayers and Foam-Smiths to get their hands on true high density EVA foam. It is our mission to bring you the finest cuts of EVA Foam out there for all of your Cosplay, costuming and crafting needs.

Our Promise

The Foamory is a new EVA Foam distributor right here in the US. We specialize in bringing you the finest large cuts of EVA Foam for all of your cosplay, costuming, and tinkering needs. Our mission is to bring you the biggest and best high density EVA Foam cuts, straight to your front door, in the quickest time possible. Go big with your creativity, go big with The Foamory.


-Head Foam Tanner-